Political Profanity

Indonesia presented the ills of the world court for a few days. bribery, corruption, collusion, and the mob justice all seem obvious. our eyes wide to see the reality that the fundamental laws of Indonesia was very dilapidated.

This is not just about the case Indonesia corruption commission (KPK), but also unmasked the iceberg phenomenon of the world face a full trial court brokers. Political rivalry took the momentum to harm the image of political opponents to form an opinion by ruling that the government is not responsive to current conditions.

citizens’ sense of justice is torn, became miss trust and distrust. This analogy is like a chicken thief about to go to jail, on the other side of the perpetrators of corruption can smile brightly when the media interviewed.
What there was a chance for us to see Indonesia progress in justice?
let my friends, we care about the dignity of our nation “Indonesia”
people waiting for concrete action against the government’s commitment to the existing condition, not just a normative statement, but the real action. spacing, and give the punishment of all parties, including the police, prosecutors, and even-Corruption Commission.

This is no longer about the war against the alligator lizard, not the sentiment among the high state institutions, this issue of public trust in government. If the government fails, the government must be prepared automatically with the reality that people no longer trust the current ruling government.

message to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: “show that you care about the community’s sense of justice as the president of the Republic of Indonesia”