Deal with 2012

Resurrection is the final day of a journey of human civilization. This debate again recently when the tribe MAYA warmed predicted that the Hour will come in on 21 December 2012.

The prophecy was finally inspired filmmakers to create films with the title “2012”. Its contents are not far from the analogy of what happens when the earth we live in is seeking a new balance. Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami, and natural phenomena to be part of the destruction of the world.
destroy us all
In religion and logic we can see it in person that a lot of things that led to the imbalance of this world, especially between people and nature. man too much to take and destroy our natural. I myself was quite frankly scared by the coming end times. I am one who is religious but I do not get enough of my life’s journey is still far from perfect.

It is better we all feel scared to come to an end, so we can better control for the quality of life can get better. Further more, if there are human resources of the mind to prepare the arrival of Resurrection by using advanced technology and preparation is not there can be no chance to survive in this world. Enjoy this world wisely while there was still some hope, to live just with what it is that no burden of sheltering us when the end came. Make sure all of us there are good things that have been given to our neighbor.

come or at least do not discourage the belief doom us to always be good for our planet.