Prayer on 17 November 2009

Again and again I returned home at 11 o’clock in the evening or even late, almost 3 weeks and hold it like this. When asked this fun? I said this was fun. when later asked if this tiring? I also would say it’s exhausting. in the morning I spent in college activities by running up to the afternoon. late afternoon if possible I returned home to take a car that has been used to move my dad so I could use a car to support my activities, nowadays usually done at night and pretty much trouble if I use public transport.
Prayer on 17 November 2009
I want to address this with a pleasure, I shall be responsible for all my options. that’s the meaning of a simple commitment. just enjoy it all that is in front of our eyes right now, do not frown or conclude lips. Give a little smile when every time we do activities. Lord, make me humble and I always enable a positive force in dealing with all things in my days.

Convince me God, there is a hope and certainty in any business conducted with sincerity and totality. Solarise myself with the light of your face. Have mercy and love me oh God. Amen