Life is too Short to be Living with Regrets

My title this time taken from one of my friends status. This Direct opened my mind, why I am often late in the sense that both disappointed and sad. Many things and too many other things can we devote to fill our days with more meaning.

just look at myself, there are still many things that I need to do at this time as the set of student activities and the arts. parents have given full trust for me to be responsible for everything I do in my day.

I still want to collect the dreams that can push me to be more forward again in thinking and always optimistic in life. Too much natural beauty in this part of the corner of this earth, many arts and ready artwork that inspire us, lots of good food out there, and most importantly we’ve got people who really genuinely give love and attention.

Hope tomorrow is always open and open wide for us to give a new meaning for ourselves. Wake up! all had a race to reach the victory line, do not be defeated with the feeling that just makes us even more poorly. we were talented, we were creative, and we are truly blessed by the gods.

no regrets, make sure who we have interesting things to give to others.!

Life is too Short to be Living with Regrets