SBY Please Speak Up!

The feeling of what is now perceived a SBY, confusion, panic, had a good laugh, or began to fidget nervously position as head of state would get out of hand. Current political situation is still pretty quiet and not hot. I have not had time to read the article in a blog about the grand design of the criminalization of the conflict that the Commission itself was designed by a handful of parties. The aim much, for the success of the election (about the election fund), Royal Family aspect, then there are also a handful of elite personal grudge.

Tim 8 Recommendation basically requires a few things, namely cessation of seed-chandra case, Susno Duadji removed from office Kabareskrim, and thoroughly investigating the problem and brokers mob justice cases. Today we have the fact that Susno back padded seat Kabareskrim. Anggodo not processed because it is legally insufficient evidence to entrap a suspect. INSANE! Many hours have served the public record clearly shows how the rule of law this country being trampled. Law as if it could be resolved through telephone conversations, or even just poured money into the investigator then completed.

Today on twitter, I also found some tags that read # SBYTegasAtauMundur, this has lead to things that are destructive to the government. I analyze the problems the Commission has become the entry point for the political elites could destabilize the government in this case I just point out that SBY. Century Bank case was rumored to have connections with SBY campaign funds disbursed by the treasurer if the party seemed to have an account with Century Bank, which is a liquid fund and used for the campaign. Was compounded by allegations of involvement in the case of VP Boediono same. Complicated! There is the common thread between the cases of the Commission, Murder Nasrudin, Seeds-Chandra, and Century Bank. I still feel confident there is the common thread of all of this country legal farce.

I wonder what would happen if our country is repeating the event in 1998, when the people have lost confidence in the government then the masses will speak the voice and no longer able to control. SBY decisive step as the head of state was awaited by people of all, if the wishy-washy that trust will continue to decline, and the more complicated situation when it’s played by people who are provocative.

My hope now is that people can use logical thinking in reviewing the situation that developed at this time. The government through the president and their staffs need to restore public trust by investigating thoroughly and fairly all parties involved in the legal and political drama lately.President SBY should manful! No more playing with the feelings of your attitude that tends to doubters in making decisions. I still want to see this country forward and achieve fame in the global arena.